Proaction Cafe Hosts


We are looking for social innovators and entrepreneurs in Leicester who would like input and ideas to help them explore an issue they face, or a problem they have observed in the community around them.  This could be in nearly any field of social activity - from education, to health, community cohesion, housing, the environment, and everything in between - as long as it is a real-world, observable problem.  

Through hosting a table at our upcoming Proaction Cafe - to be held on 12th April 2017 - we want you to be able to facilitate and lead an engaging conversation, encouraging others to provide ideas and share their own experiences.  We are looking for you to use this as a springboard to build a Design Team where you can start a journey of development, converting ideas into action and impact.

What we want:

  • Social innovators and entrepreneurs from Leicester and the surrounding area to lead, facilitate and host a great conversation

  • An open-mindedness and commitment to a 'first principles' approach in responding to their identified social issue

  • A drive to generate ideas, test, prototype and engage with the wider Leicester community for further development

What you get:

  • A chance to explore your social issue with a wide range of expertise and members of the wider Leicester community

  • An opportunity to develop ideas further and to lead your own Design Team

  • Free series of 'workshops' that help you and your Design Team to learn how to prototype, test and market your service/product that you create

If you are interested in being a trailblazer as a host at our very first Proaction Cafe, then get in touch with us via our contact page (