Great people, great discussions

Our first ever Proaction Cafe at the LCB Depot (12/4/17) was a great success, bringing together people from all over Leicester - and even as far as Lincoln! - to help our 4 hosts to explore ideas in response to their topics.  There was a great buzz about the room as everyone got chatting; it was a fantastic atmosphere and we received some fantastic feedback, especially about the networking opportunities and the chance to talk about some fascinating topics.

On the evening, we had Melissa White inviting people to chat about Mental Health services for young people in Leicester; Mark Charlton discussing the future of Leicester as a Smart City; Hersh Thacker enquiring about how social enterprise and seed funding can be better matched; and Chris Shaw exploring further development of ethical business practice for organisations in the city (and beyond).  All of these topics affect people and organisations in Leicester and made for a real breadth of conversation during the evening.  It was a shame to have to cut the conversations short!

Hosts had people coming to their tables to discuss and explore their thinking and develop their ideas, whilst attendees could move on to another table every 20 minutes to add their voice to another conversation.  This kept things fresh and focused, and gave hosts an opportunity to engage with as wide a range of opinions and experiences as possible.  

If you have an idea that you think could make a real impact on the lives of Leicester's residents and want to explore it with others, become a host at our next Proaction Cafe on Wednesday 14th June by emailing Carl (   If you want to come along and enjoy some great conversations and network with a whole range of people, then sign up via our Eventbrite page.

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