idea. impact. improve.

We bring people together from across Leicester to share knowledge and ideas that can create positive change for the city.


Our Vision

By working with different individuals, groups and businesses across Leicester, our aim is to grow and establish a community of like-minded people who wish to make a real difference to the lives of others. 

How we do this:

  • EXPLORE: Bringing people together in a creative and stimulating environment, we facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences; to help them 'dig deeper' and develop their understanding of the issues we collectively face.  We foster a culture of knowledge and understanding

  • COLLABORATE: Using the diversity of the community, with their varied personal and professional expertise and experience, we support the development of ideas through applying different creative problem-solving techniques.  We ensure an approach of open-mindedness, creativity and inclusion

  • ACT: Turn ideas into action by creating teams armed with necessary tools and skills to co-produce real-world products and services that can be tested and reviewed.  The social innovations developed by teams will start to take shape.  We challenge others to bring ideas to life

  • MEASURE: Collaboratively working social innovators to test ideas and prototypes, reviewing their specified outcomes and how they provide feedback on how they can evolve ideas for further innovation and scaling the reach and impact.  We want a community of social innovators who make a real difference